Sunday, April 5, 2009


My new contribution for my moly is what it is.
A tranportation/bridge between Carinas fantastic
"spetskompetens" and Lisas .....?????
Stripes... a road... lines... endless or ending.

I´m fascinated of stripes and right now of pictures
that are "empty". The world is over and over full of
pictures everywhere. My mind needs rest...
...and why not whith the non-colors gold and silver.


lisa said...

Very philosphical! Yes I think we need to dekonstruct the picture, the image from time to time, to be able to rest the mind and to start from zero

LottaB said...

I like the transportation. The importent time between periods in life. Time for reflectation. I think this is hard to make. Accept how things are. Sometimes wait, don´t act.