Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mum, naked and anxiety.

MAMMA = mum
NAKEN = naked
ORO = anxiety

This is the words for M,N,O in this ABC-book. The words is chosen from an
autobiographical point.

* I´m a mother.
* As my youngest doughters favourite book says "we are all naked under the clothes", but in this case I also refer to my stress-caused disease "alopecia areata" that have made me loose spots of hair.
* And there allways seems to be something to be worried about.


lisa said...

Like it a lot, very punky, reminds me a little of the artist Elis Eriksson and his playing with words and it´s interesting when words also turn into image, it´s a kind of pictorial poetry.

Maria said...

Font is fun! they all have there own characteristica - my favourite is "type writer letter"

scale of grey worries, anxiety: black-on-black
Bob Marley sings "so much trouble in the world..."

LottaB said...

I like it! I also got picture from the 3 words. I read it like one sentence.