Friday, October 17, 2008

The storm / Islands

Hello! Here comes my drawing in Marias climate-theme moly-book. The climate-change is frightening and storms are some of the obvious consequences. It is an image of chaos, what it would be like if the worst thing would happen...and it is happening already in different parts of the world...
My second contribution to Marias book, embroidered spots on fabric. It started when I spilled coffee by accident on the fabric and after that I made some more spots and a hole on purpose and I really enjoyed making it. Islands seen from above or some kind of bacterias fighting in an environmental war. /Lisa

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

if you can´t see it, it´s not there...

...some arctic terns (sterna paradisaea, silvertärna in swedish) fly above a pattern of black lace , a kind of elder, with golden amulets...

why is your vision hidden?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strange things happen

I was inspired by Lisa´s picture in Carina´s book about the home-theme. The girl you dont know if she would drown herself or if she was just washing her hair.
The unsure atmosphere and the possibilities for uncommon things happend in your normal apartment, request me to do this picture.
I started to work with my sewing machine to embroider.

Love instead of hate

Hello Mollyfriends!
I must start to Love the SaintPaula flower! Why? Because I can´t hate them. I baught one and then I bought once more. When i grow up I hated them. I have been hated them since September this year. I have always hated them. I told my mother I hated this ugly common flower who you can find everywhere. If I hate them they come after me trying to make me love them.
I took care of my nieghbours flower for the second summer this year. She has a lot of SaintPaulas. They forced me to love them.
There are a lot of other things in my life I must start to love too. Otherwise they will  come after you!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fallen apples in my garden

Hallo friends! This is Lottas moly. She started with a painting inspired by old textiles. When I´ve made this picture I´ve been thinking of tapestry and painting.
It´s also a septemberpicture from my garden. Lots of fallen apples, to many to be able to eat them all.
It´s made with watercolorpencils and akrylicpaint on plastic sheets, fastened with eyelets.