Monday, June 14, 2010

Stripes again; mjölk = milk

Emroidery inspired of milkpackages. When I was sorting the garbage I realised how much milk my family is drinking, (I don´t drink milk at all).
The colors of the stripes signals the different types of milk. The red one is the "Standard" fat milk, the blue one is the "Lightmilk" and the green one is the "Middlemilk". Even if one by another brand of milk the colors often are the same.
I have been working for a while with the milkpackages, and over a year and a half there have been small, sometimes very, very small changes in the layout that I would never seen if I havn´t really been studied them.

And for part two in this "dubble-moly" comes a digital collage made from packages for "Minimjölk"(=minimilk) whith thin yellow stripes and just 0,1 % fat...