Monday, June 30, 2008

The Vision

In Elisabet´s book I have made a collage of old photos, a triptyke about two people getting the same vision, a rainbow. I´m inspired by renaissance painting, in which for example the golden colour often represented the heavenly light, a light without shadows, but as I find Earth much more fascinating as a subject I chose silver as the colour of the frames. The colour of silver, here symbolises the earthly light, absolute presence and worship of nature. But above all, the images are about faith, having faith in yourself.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

ride a bike

bikes don´t pollute!!

* with inspiration from traffic signs, the information ones (blue/white)
* painted cross stitches, acrylic with vinyldispertion
* embroidary "sketch net", black pen

translation: ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike = love

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In this moment a saw the buttons....

..large, small or medium picturesize. I have chosen medium now. //Lotta

I send Molyn right now.

Hello Mollyfriends!
Ok, then It was time to send Lisa´s Moly  to Maria. I Have worked at the same 
line like Lisa did. I liked the idea of cards so I continued with that theme. And of course I drawned in black and white. I have been inspired by positive affirmations and positive thinking, like I need in my life right now. 
I have make the pictures larger this time, so now we will see if they are larger in the web. 
It has been so nice to use just a black pen for making pictures. See you soon.//Lotta

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Next Deadline date!

We decided in the mailing chat that I shall set a date for the next sending deadline.
I think we seem to need some weeks, maybe a month with this busy group :)

Next deadline is June 30 2008 !

One month - but if you are ready earlier - just send it
IMy Moly_x_group! (is that a T-shirt?)

Sorry, I´m so late...

but now I´m ready.
This became the Gold, Silver and Lace - moly. That will bee the theme for this book. I know some people don´t like gold, silver and lace and think its ugly and too much... but I can´t resist it... but someway I can understand the opposite. You, my Moly-friends can do absolutly what you like whith that theme. Hate it or love it or both or ... just do something!

I painted the pages white again :)... but now they are bit more "destroyed" and I like it better that way, whith some texture and "dirt". The picture is painted in acrylic and pencil.

I will post the book to Lisa today. And now I can start with that lovely little book with the fabricpaper and suchi in it (Carinas Moly). I get hungry when I look in it so maybee I follow up the suchi with someting else to eat...