Friday, August 29, 2008

Yan... and then Yin is somewhere else

Most of us want to "take care of Earth". I try my best, you probably do the same and eventhen it´s difficult to brake behavioural pattern...

Baltic Sea is one of the most threatened marine echosystem in the world; overfeed - nitrogen and phosphourus...´s easy to relax in the sunshine, wondering about every day perspective of existensialism

This Moly belongs to Lisa, the book of ABC
greener on the other side
helth: state of helth

Monday, August 25, 2008

Perfect life Perfect death

Finally I have completed my work in Carinas book and will post it tomorrow to you, Lotta! The first picture is a piece of embroidery on fabric. Inspired by Elizabets beautiful image of a kitchen sink, I also made a scene from a kitchen, almost a mirror image but not as pleasant. Home sweet hell, home as the scene of a crime. Is the women drowning herself in the sink or just washing her hair? The second picture is also a piece of embroidery but on paper. I left the threads uncut and unfastened. /Lisa

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I LOVE Östersjön

In this moly with a climate-theme I have done two pictures about the pollution of the Baltic Sea - my neighbour! In the textile part the macroperspective and in the paper part the microperspective. Nodularia Spumigena is one of the cyanobacterials that causes the toxic bacterial bloom that prevent us from swimming in the sea the hotest days in the summer. "I LOVE Östersjön" (=I LOVE the Baltic Sea) is the name of an exhibition at the local museum about the Baltic Sea.