Friday, August 29, 2008

Yan... and then Yin is somewhere else

Most of us want to "take care of Earth". I try my best, you probably do the same and eventhen it´s difficult to brake behavioural pattern...

Baltic Sea is one of the most threatened marine echosystem in the world; overfeed - nitrogen and phosphourus...´s easy to relax in the sunshine, wondering about every day perspective of existensialism

This Moly belongs to Lisa, the book of ABC
greener on the other side
helth: state of helth


Inger C said...

Beautiful! I know all about the ignorantus part :)
Just had this Moly here and it's turning out so great! You have all made so great sketches in it!

elizabet said...

I also recognise this behaviour. Since I´ve started to use the car the last two years I always have an excuse for using it. I have this book now and it´s not easy to live up to all of your fine drawings. I´m not much of a drawer so i have to find out "an other way" to do it.