Sunday, January 11, 2009

shopping, shopping, shopping...

...emergancy woman with consumer resistance
red cross stitch on white fabric

consumption, fadderullan lej
red cross stitch on striped fabric

I love:
ride my bike
I dislike:

Crocheted Top Competence & pop-up in Elizabets Lace, silver & gold Moly

The Swedish word for "lace" has also the same meaning as the word "top, skill,excellence" Top skill competence = lace competence..(?).. The word "SILVER" pops up when you open the Moly. Collage technique: gold paint, crochet, embroidery & paper pop up.
Collage mixed media

Gold thread embroidery - Swedish word for lace (also the same as top, arrow, skill excellence)
All thick and nice ready to be sent of to Elizabeth. Now the Moly's has travelled one full circle. We have decided to send them one more round to fill them up!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Here is a landscape with expression from scrapbooks. I´ve found symbols in the advertising and on products. I saw this swedish flags besides products from Bauhaus and it was no explanation why it is good because it was a swedish supplier. Ok, the drill (it was a drill) has not carried so far from here.

Keep sweden tidy....

Hello, finally I´m finnished with the picture in Maria´s book about the climate.
Here I have done a paraphrase from an old symbol I was growing up with. Håll Sverige rent. It's still of great importance in the foundation "Håll sverige rent".
Now I know why I should keep going to the gym, I must build sronger embroider-muscles.