Sunday, January 11, 2009

shopping, shopping, shopping...

...emergancy woman with consumer resistance
red cross stitch on white fabric

consumption, fadderullan lej
red cross stitch on striped fabric

I love:
ride my bike
I dislike:


Inger Carina said...

I have totally stopped to shop nowadays - I go to IKEA; start to pick stuff to my basket but it always ends with me butting everything back again. I don't really nead more stuff.
I love your embroiderys - it is a very importent subject. I'm really looking forward to recieving this Moly I suspect it's going to blow me away with all the well done art inside of it!

LottaB said...

I don´t want to be a consumer!!
I don´t want my identity will be a consumer. Ok, something you must buy. In a few months I will start to work less time. And then I will not be able to buy something at all. I want time not things!!
I really like the Embrodery and the message!!

Lisa said...

Important message there!I shop, therefore I am...I´m lucky because I´m not rich and therefore not a good consumer. Consuming is not about bying stuff you need, i´ts about trying to fill that emty space within ourselves but as we all know it does´nt work that way BUT I just love going in to stationery shops and for example buy some new post-it notes or other juicy stuff that makes your life easier and more organised (or at least it seems like it!)Thanks for reminding me not to shop!