Monday, September 8, 2008

Keyboard Keywords (Lisa's Moly)

Since I'm on a roll with the keyboard keys. I zoomed in a bit and made my letters for Lisa's Moly. Notice that J has less keywords for me than the others...strange. But maby there are less words starting with J in Swedish.
J - juggle, hunted, me, aha?, work, compare, YES!, jumbo jet, java/coffee, jogging, baby talk, Japan, S:t Jacobi (my highschool/collage), Earth, damnit!, hurray, tricot(fabric), jeans?(haven't worn any since 1998), fighter aircraft.
K - Coffee, cottage cheese, kiss, love, art, cookie dough, kids(children), driving licence, friend, career, money, maybe, capable, party, cross-stitch, cognitive, concept, catalyst, cramp, kitsch , cat.
L - read, Saturday, long, happiness, ridiculous, vivid, life, summer home, peace & quiet , fun, scarry, time of work, langett(stitch), lego, live, light, sound, lumen, temperament , learn.

I send you both the Molys when you come home Elizabeth! you lucky girl in the sun :)

Keyboard dreams (Lotta's Moly)

I don't think I need to give you many hints of what this sketch is all about :) Working a lot nowadays......dreaming of other things.
I was so concentrated on NOT sending this Moly to E until she arrives from Turkey, so I forgot to blog it :)