Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here comes silverfishes and gooldfishes in the spirit of lace.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The kitchen sink and a piece of wallpaper

This is also a two-part Moly with a fabric part and a paper part.

I was inspired of the title of Carinas drawing in her moly and had the chance to do an embroidery I´ve been thinking of for a long time. As a mother of three children i spend a lot of time in the kitchen and there I see new still lifespass on the kitchen sink every day.

In the drawing I started with a piece of an old wallpaper from my grandmothers house. It reminded me of the crocheted wallpaper Carina is showing in her blogg, so it is a kind of homage to that one.

Then the drawing and the emroidery have influenced each other...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Recycling in the Theme climate Moly

Maria's Theme climate Moly:
It's one part paper & one part fabric in this Moly. I worked from a couple of sentences. On the embroidered "drawing" it sais in Swedish: "Eating organic, recycles the morningpapers and buying fairtrade".
Last sentence: "but it's still a rainy summer..."

The embroidery showes empty childfood jars with an organic brand from Denmark called Hipp, which you end up with hundreds when you have an infant (very environment friendly....not....and it has traveled all the way from Denmark to Sweden...).
Drawing of pills and text: "hight levels of anti anxiety drugs in the Stockholm tap water" and "are you feeling happier lately?"

Technique: drawing and collage. Pencil, Copic marker, white opaque, ink and Stabilo.