Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello there,
Finally I am on my way with this project! I posted my book today! My book is an ABC-book about life from an existential /everyday perspective. In the first two drawings in the book I have chosen to draw in a symbolic way, images from my imagination that represent scenes from my life as it is at the very moment. I wanted the pictures to look like some kind of playing cards, like Tarot cards or something that has to do with destiny or prophesy.
I can´t wait to have Elizabet´s book in the mailbox so I can make my next be continued /Lisa

weather belongs to the public space

I copy the way Carina put a piece of fabric in her sketchbook. MolyX16: choose either way you want to continue my Moly - use both surface of material or pick one!
I´m a cross-stitch lover and I can´t make art without that particular stitch shows up somewhere... I also like images of diagrams,curves, statistics...
My projects and artworks are more sculpture/installation like - the size of Moly is small and a challange, a funny one:)
The "demand" in my book is theme climate.
The picture above is a printed collage. I´m found of weather studies and like to work with one-year-projects. The idea with action over time with starts and ends also includes reflexions of persevering.

The picture text:
"everyone says... ...the weather is very strange"
to the right:
one third of the Swedes doesn´t worry about the climate threat

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now with beaded sushi rice

My moly has two parts; one part with the normal paper to drew on and one part with a long piece of fabric to make something textile on.
I have started with a comic type drawing of my "not so glamorous week" with title: "En diskbänksrealistisk vecka". If I translate this Swedish expression to English it would be close to; A kitchen-sink-realistic week :)
I scanned the images rather big so you can click on them to read the text.
This one here has an Enlish translation:
Here is my embroidered image on the fabric part of my moly.
now with beaded sushi...
I'm off to Elizabet.
The daylight was blue and strange today - I will post some better images tomorrow on my blogg:
Today (Sunday) I've uploaded more detail images on my flickr
Hi from Carina

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Moly is on the way...

to Maria. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We are still working....:)

If you wondered were we disappeared. This Moly group is still alive and kicking! But Art exhibitions, design jobs and children with chicken-pox got in the way.
We gave ourself another week to work.
See you soon!
kind regard

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

shit, I´m a lazy-starter...

Dear sisters of MolyX16,
I have to start with a confession: 6th of May, at 14.09 pm - my moly is still not unpacked...
Things has been a mess and my computer is not as kind as I want
him - or if it´s a she - to be! But I´m on the track - ready for take-off.
I suppose I want to have a theme in my sketchbook, maybe the global warming. I`ll have to think and write back to you, see you!

Monday, May 5, 2008

I started with yellow!

Just wanted you to know I'm on my way whith the moly. I started to paint my sides yellow to get rid of the scary white! I'm not sure how to continue this. I normally work in different materials as beads, cloth, wood, metal and thread so I'm a bit nervous whith just paper and a pen.

Carina, I look forward to recieve your moly with the "fabricpaper"...