Monday, May 26, 2008

weather belongs to the public space

I copy the way Carina put a piece of fabric in her sketchbook. MolyX16: choose either way you want to continue my Moly - use both surface of material or pick one!
I´m a cross-stitch lover and I can´t make art without that particular stitch shows up somewhere... I also like images of diagrams,curves, statistics...
My projects and artworks are more sculpture/installation like - the size of Moly is small and a challange, a funny one:)
The "demand" in my book is theme climate.
The picture above is a printed collage. I´m found of weather studies and like to work with one-year-projects. The idea with action over time with starts and ends also includes reflexions of persevering.

The picture text:
"everyone says... ...the weather is very strange"
to the right:
one third of the Swedes doesn´t worry about the climate threat


Inger C said...

Hm, Inspiring!....I'm really looking forward to receive this book!!!
Your diagrams looks like stitches with the sewing machine.... I love it!

Marty Harris said...

Great start. Should be a very interesting book.

Maria said...

On Wednesday I´m travelling to the countryside - I wish you all a nice and relaxing summer!!!!
My summerhouse includes a large garden. I love to cut down trees and work physically. A nice complement to cross-stitch...

elizabet said...

I have 1000 ideas for this important book. How am I going to choose one!!!