Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello there,
Finally I am on my way with this project! I posted my book today! My book is an ABC-book about life from an existential /everyday perspective. In the first two drawings in the book I have chosen to draw in a symbolic way, images from my imagination that represent scenes from my life as it is at the very moment. I wanted the pictures to look like some kind of playing cards, like Tarot cards or something that has to do with destiny or prophesy.
I can´t wait to have Elizabet´s book in the mailbox so I can make my next be continued /Lisa


Inger C said...

Wow Lisa! Strong images...inspiring.
I'm looking forward to continue with my letters later.

marina said...

Very nice drawings - I like them!

elizabet said...

I think you have a hard time!? Your drawings make me think things are tough for you. It`s a fun ide with the ABC-book. And I´m curious to see what letter I get.
I´m late with my drawing. It turned out to be very timedemanding and my time is very limited this week. I promise to post it as soon as possible = this week!!!

Maria said...

Hi Lisa,
nice to meet old schoolmates in a new context!I guess it´s ten years since I saw you - obvoiusly Sthlm is that big...
Good initative Carina to invite the five of us!
Your drawings include breaking-up and grief. Black, a bit shaky, thin line - gracil - and emotional! We can all, as human beings, relate to the strong feelings. I LOVE these lines:
"Life is a fucking tragedy...
...and I come to that conclusion as an optimist".
The images of tarotcards often have a double meaning. Hopefully there´s something good coming out of your private situation!

LottaB said...

Hello Lisa, I like your drawings! I will start soon to work in your book.
Got ideas immediately when I saw them.Take care//Lotta