Saturday, May 24, 2008

Now with beaded sushi rice

My moly has two parts; one part with the normal paper to drew on and one part with a long piece of fabric to make something textile on.
I have started with a comic type drawing of my "not so glamorous week" with title: "En diskbänksrealistisk vecka". If I translate this Swedish expression to English it would be close to; A kitchen-sink-realistic week :)
I scanned the images rather big so you can click on them to read the text.
This one here has an Enlish translation:
Here is my embroidered image on the fabric part of my moly.
now with beaded sushi...
I'm off to Elizabet.
The daylight was blue and strange today - I will post some better images tomorrow on my blogg:
Today (Sunday) I've uploaded more detail images on my flickr
Hi from Carina


elizabet said...

Carina, I love the suchi!!!

lisa said...

Carina, when I saw your sushi piece yesterday, I had just had that for dinner, and I just wanted to eat some more, looks delicious!

elizabet said...

Carina, your moly arrived yesterday and I love the suchi more and more. I want to eat it!!!!
.....and it´s just embroidery!!! (snyft!)

Maria said...

I also find your embroidary delicious, especially the white, shiny ones...makizushi?(my favourite sushibar in Sthlm is Sono).I like daily-life-drawings as well.Daily life, say no more...
Impressed by the key map, your sketches how to sew a fabric into the Moly; pedagogical!
Something totally different: Yesterday I visited your exhibition at Operatingplace/PUBplan3: the gun and the gunbelt is a hit - a textile punchline!!

LottaB said...

I agree with the other molyfriends here, the suchi looks fantastic! But my suschi last week caused much problems. I have bought white towels as a wedding-present and i sat outdoors eating suchi, suddenly when I rose, the soyasauce was floating out and down in the bag, so the towels become brown. I had to buy new ones.