Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Keep sweden tidy....

Hello, finally I´m finnished with the picture in Maria´s book about the climate.
Here I have done a paraphrase from an old symbol I was growing up with. Håll Sverige rent. It's still of great importance in the foundation "Håll sverige rent".
Now I know why I should keep going to the gym, I must build sronger embroider-muscles.


Inger Carina said...

wow Lotta! Det blev superfint! Jag ser SÅÅ fram emot att få tillbaka min MOlly efter hela varvet runt! Vi måste alla fotografera och dokumentera nu så att vi kan skriva den där ansökan!

Wow Lotta! I turned out SUPER beautiful! I look forward to having my own back after the first round. Take a lot of pictures now so we can make that application!

elizabet said...

This one is so nostalgic. It reminds me of the atmosphere of my childhood - all these "good" intentions.

Maria said...

Yes, seventies vibes!
But isn´t there a shifting of the enviromental message? The content has turned from climate into associations with refugee politics. At least I´m reading it with discomfort - do you?

LottaB said...

First I didn´t realised that the message in the old good seventies symbol could be reading like refugeepolitics . I wanted to do something of the nostalgic thing. It was when I translated the text from "Håll Sverige rent" into "Keep Sweden Tidy" I realized It could send a horrible message like extremerights political opinions.
I visited The website "Håll sverige rent to confirmed they used the same words.
They did, and I felt ok with it so far. Of course I have thought about how a message could change meaning from one time to another.
Suddenly this old nice nolstagic symbol was distroyed. My message is-It´s time not to be nolstalgic, don´t live in the past look around you be aware of the contemporaries.