Sunday, October 12, 2008

Strange things happen

I was inspired by Lisa´s picture in Carina´s book about the home-theme. The girl you dont know if she would drown herself or if she was just washing her hair.
The unsure atmosphere and the possibilities for uncommon things happend in your normal apartment, request me to do this picture.
I started to work with my sewing machine to embroider.


elizabet said...

This picture is also starting a question. Has someone left the place without closing a door or a window, and if so why? Or is it just an uncommon walldecoration? It´s interesting to see the different ways we seem to use for the different books and themes and materials.

lisa said...

Wow, this is so Hitchcock!

Inger C said...

This makes me think about the creepy feeling you get when a bird suddenly flyes in through the window in the fall....both you and the bird can feel it. It's like HELP what should I do now??? The bird just flies around like crazy and you are on the floor trying to get the window open wider :D