Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Passing through quiet remains

Dear friends! Here comes a few more letters of my ABC-book. The technique is collage and ink and the theme...well, to be or not to be. The two clocks on the left above the letter P are from a "baby´s first book" from when I was born. My mother filled in the exact time of my birth on the left clockface. The little sun below indicates that I was born in the daytime. The right clockface is emty and can in this context be interpreted as the time of my death, not yet written... /Lisa


elizabet said...

It´s beautiful and scaring. This is at not what one wants to think about, but sometimes
in certain moments you do...
We are just visitors in life. And that can make everything more serious but it can also be a reason to be more "playfull" because everything is just passing.
Lisa, I think this will give me something to think about all day.

LottaB said...

Hello Lisa, Yes little bit of scaring and sadness with the time. I really want to take care of the time, when
I´m here. Not waste the time on meaningless things for me. But like Elizabet said, a reason to be more playfull! So the balance is the best! And I think the balance is hard to fine. How to find the balance in life?
I have not find it. Yet.

Marty Harris said...

This is fun. I don't know if I could resist drawing in between everything.