Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Soon ready for lift off

Hello all Moly X artists and interested friends of the world! We are the moly_x_16 group. An all Swedish group.
My name is Carina (IngerC) I'm an artist, webdesigner and a spare time crafter from Stockholm.
Was doodling today and came to the conclusion that I will sew in a long piece of white fabric in my book so my moly_x_16-friends can make something with tread (or what they want) also. Haven't tried it yet but I imagine that my Moleskine is going to be thick and travel in a box instead of a Jiffy :-)

This feels so exciting!


Marty Harris said...

Fantastic experiment! I think that this is the best part of moly_x, you get a wild idea and take 4 other artists along for the ride. Good luck!

LottaB said...

Hello Carina, your idea will be interesting to be a part of, I look forward to sew later.
Soon I will declare my idea on the blogg.
See you later/Lotta B

Anonymous said...

iam från västervik i tink yu are very god/ roy